Data Works

A “how to use” guide for marketing data. For anyone making marketing decisions using numbers.

Get to grips with data to give your marketing the magic touch

In modern marketing, data matters. Because if you’re stronger with data, you’re able to see the things that are right to do.

And, if you want your ideas to be credible, convincing, and compelling you need data.

But it doesn’t have to be rocket science. You can be great with data even if you didn’t like maths at school.

So, if you want to go from data to tada! Join us.

It’s for anyone in marketing who hasn’t had training on marketing data

The course covers things you should do, using data, to make sure your marketing is the best it can be. Including…

  • how to use data wisely and not be misled
  • how to present data in a way that’s easy to understand
  • how to spot the issues that scupper marketing
  • how to harness hardcore analytics

It’ll teach you the practical skills to work your data and wow your team.


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    5 modules
    3 x 20 mins each

    • Learn with Grace, whenever you like
    • Module video, handout, or audio
    • Evidence, frameworks, case studies
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    Each module has

    • Practical exercises using an example business
    • Find great strategies & sell them in
    • Solutions provided by video weekly
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    • Your questions answered by Grace
    • Working sessions with magic numbers
    • Chatty webinars with experts
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    Extra stuff

    • Bonus content for wider reading
    • Do tasks with your own data & get feedback
    • Assignment where you build a plan of action

Learn about the course modules:

  • 01. Ready…

    Understanding the "lay of the land" for marketing across all 4Ps

    In this module Grace starts with a brief look at the big picture – what is data actually for in marketing? And do people who say it’s useless have a point?

    Then, the rest of module is about using data to understand the “lay of the land” for marketing.

    Grace introduces simple things to do with data on sales, brand perceptions, and all four of the 4Ps.

    These enable you to see what's normal, what good looks like, what might need fixing before marketing can work well, and what'll happen if the status quo continues.

  • 02. Killer charts and killer stats

    Brilliant charts, brilliant stats, and what you need to know to make your own

    This module starts by learning from marketing’s best charts and stats, from the likes of Binet & Field and Ehrenberg Bass. Grace highlights why their analysis is so successful at bringing about change.

    Then she walks you through how to make your own stats and charts that have the power to change the way people do things.

    How to build killer charts that are full of impact, and convince people to act. And how to estimate and use marketing's killer stats: Return on investment and price elasticity.

  • 03. You give data a bad name

    Avoiding the pitfalls when marketing data is misleading

    From tracking data with a sample size that’s too small, through the problems with digital attribution, and why we can't let go of vanity metrics from social media... The first section in this module is all about data that, in itself, isn’t up to the task its being used for.

    But sometimes it isn’t the data, the problem is how it’s being used. So Grace goes on to look at distorted, confusing, or just plain busy charts and how to fix them.

    And then a section all about cause and effect. Because marketing people sometimes get into a muddle, this module has the guidelines you need to not be misled.

  • 04. Clever commissioning

    Harnessing the beast that is complex analytics

    In module 4, Grace moves on to when you’re not going to use data yourself, but you’re going to commission something a bit more hard core.

    Grace provides actionable advice from people who have sat across the table many many times – suppliers of analytics.

    This covers how to brief well, how to manage analytics projects, questions to ask potential suppliers, and when to rely on AI.

    Grace also covers the benefits of a range of different analytics that you might choose from, before providing a deep dive on getting the most from market mix modelling/econometrics.

  • 05. Go!

    Communicating data in a compelling way that gets you action

    Grace explains that there’s no point doing data and analysis if no-one uses it, and provides the practical tips you need to convert data into action.

    She starts by showing you how to go from analysis to the answers the business needs, and then how to build an argument about what has to happen next.

    The rest of the module is then about making the case for that argument by combining data with story telling, social proof, repetition without being boring, and a whole host of other brilliant ingredients for your presentation.

Learning Options

Engage with the module content
in the way that suits you

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    Module Video

    Click through
    short clips, or watch
    the full video

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    Module PDF

    Downloadable and printable content for those offline moments

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    Module audio

    Audio only, for if you’re on the go, or prefer to just listen

  • magic
    Module slide deck

    Look at all the charts in detail and use as a companion to audio

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Data Works FAQs

If your question isn't here, no worries, email Imogen via [email protected]

Please also see general FAQs on the courses page

  • I hated maths at school. Will it be too hard?

    No. This course doesn't need you to be good with maths or stats or data before you start. We'll help you with that, and make it easy.

    We designed it for marketing people not data people.

  • I'm already good with numbers. Is it for me?

    Probably yes. Even people who are great with sums and have worked with marketing data for years can improve.

    This course shows you how to avoid pitfalls that people fall into even if they're experienced.

    And it'll leave you an expert in communicating data for impact.

  • Is it recipes, frameworks, things to do?

    Yep, that's exactly it.

    Every module is jam-packed with things you could do with your own data to understand how to make your marketing better. It gives you recipes for how to do those things and then teaches you how to read the numbers to know what to do next.

  • Does it help navigate misleading data?

    Good question. Misleading data is a minefield, and marketing has more than its fair share of muddles and mix ups.

    We've seen them time and time again, not because marketing people are stupid, just because data is a bit tricky!

    But don't worry. This course walks you through how to avoid the bad bits and land on safe ground.

  • Is it just advertising, or all of marketing?

    It is all of marketing. The course covers useful things to do with data to improve things across all four of the marketing 4Ps.

    That said there's a lot of juicy learning on advertising too. Including all about how to use return on investment from advertising, and how to see if advertising is shifting perceptions.

  • Is there new stuff? Evidence, benchmarks etc?


    This course includes benchmarks for what your advertising ROI should be given the size of your business, a run down of marketing's killer stats from the big thinkers, and a lot of intel about price elasticity and how it works.

  • Will this teach me how to make epic charts?


    There's a section on how to make brilliant charts, and one on how to avoid making bad charts.

    So if you love Grace's killer charts, and the ones that Magic Numbers do every month, join us because this is where you learn how to make them.

  • Will this cover ROI? I'm not sure if its good or bad!

    There's been a lot said about ROI. People critique it, but businesses continue needing it and numbers people continue estimating it.

    This course talks you through it sensibly and calmly, sets out the benefits and pitfalls and gives you a foolproof framework for using it.

  • Does it include how to use excel?

    No, afraid not.

    The course assumes you can make basic charts and stats in excel. What it adds is how to turn them from basic into brilliant.

  • Will this course make me more convincing?

    Yes, absolutely. This is one of the key benefits of studying Data Works.

    Data is so powerful at helping people do the right thing. If you know what to do but don't have the data to prove it, it's easy for the organisation to ignore you, or get distracted by something else.

    But if the numbers show you need to do X, you need to do it!

  • Will it make my presentations with data work better?


    The course covers data story telling, and how to make your presentations exciting and useful.

    This is a critical part of the course, because there's no point doing data if no-one hears about it, and it doesn't change anything!

  • Does it cover hardcore analytics?

    Yes. Not how to actually do hardcore analytics, but how to tame that beast.

    It includes a smorgasbord of different analytical techniques that you might, at some point, want. And there's also a deep dive on MMM and how it fits in.

  • What's the homework and assignment like?

    Each teaching module comes with a homework task that gets you to apply what you learnt in the module to an example business.

    You only need standard things like PowerPoint and Excel (or equivalent) and it shouldn't take more than 45 mins. Tashan takes you through the answers in his weekly video.

    At the end of the course you bring all of the homework learning together into a plan of action for the example business, you submit this and we mark it!

  • Does it teach you how to do MMM?

    Nope. We're focussing on training for marketers first.

    The very nice people at Magic Numbers offer consultancy support for data scientists and budding econometricians though. They'd be very glad to help if you email [email protected]

  • What if I mainly use e-commerce data?

    This course could be useful for you but you should also check out our scaling up works course.

  • Can I balance this with work and life?

    Yes! There are 5 weeks of learning with a minimum demand of 1 hour 30 minutes per week, with optional live sessions.


  • Can I spread the cost?

    You can pay with Klarna, spreading the total cost across 3 payments over time.
    There is the initial payment when you book, followed by 2 payments in 30 and 60 days after completing the check out process.

    Right click to open in new tab here to sign up and spread the cost.

    Once you have signed up, a member of the team will be in touch to get you onboarded to the learning platform.

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