The Team

Meet the economists, business analysts and data scientists
who will guide you through your course. They’re data people with people skills, who very much look forward to meeting you.


  • Tashan Nicholas MENTOR, ANALYST
    Tashan is an Analytics Director with a decade of experience who specialises in how to use data to tell stories and create actionable insight.

    Tashan has worked for Media agencies and independent analytics consultancies helping brands leverage advanced analytical techniques such as MMM or Experimentation as well as Marketing Effectiveness strategy.

    Tashan possesses a track record in winning awards for their contributions to the industry including being awarded Campaign Magazine's star player for the 7 stars 2 years in a row, 2022 and 2023.

    On top of this Tashan is a Certified performance coach and ICF member with a diploma in Life and Performance Coaching.

    Tashan is also passionate advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and is actively involved in advocacy groups such as Outvertising & NoTurningBock2020.

  • Imogen Howard magic works coordinator
    Imogen is your first point of contact, your learning and community specialist – “definitely not a data expert!” in her own words

    She is experienced in project management, operations and marketing, and is here to support you to best maximise your platform learning experience with magic works.

    As an Applied Sports Science graduate, Imogen is interested in a range of sports and loves that her role encompasses working with others to achieve a common goal.

  • Michael Buchholz Mentor, Economist
    Michael has developed a passion for using data to pick out the drivers of growth for businesses and their marketing channels.

    While working at magic numbers, Michael has been exposed to working with clients from an array of sectors such as FMCG, Price Comparison, and Financial Services.

    Michael’s background in Economics has led him to be particularly interested in the external factors that affect companies sales and marketing effectiveness.

  • Joy Talbot Mentor, Principal Economist
    Joy has over 8 years’ experience in using analytics to help brands make more effective business decisions.

    Having worked in a media agency and now at magic numbers, Joy has delivered econometric projects for some of the UKs largest household brands including Yorkshire Tea, UKTV, Little Moons, NOW, Sky, Tesco, DFS and IKEA.

    Joy specialises in taking complex business problems and making the solutions understandable for stakeholders at all levels.

    As a Physics graduate, she loves that her role combines working with lots of different people and using maths to solves real world problems every day.

  • Andy Nethercott Mentor, Principal Economist
    Andy has worked in marketing effectiveness and econometrics for over 10 years, delivering projects for brands across a wide range of sectors.

    After starting out at a small econometrics agency, Andy moved to an in-house role at Sky where he developed a greater understanding of embedding MMM results within a business before moving on to roles at Ebiquity and magic numbers.

  • Hal Webb Mentor, Senior Econometrician
    Hal is an econometrician at magic numbers, where he’s been for the past year and a half, having previously worked in the strategy team of a creative agency.

    He’s got experience building statistical models of businesses across a range of sectors, taking into account all of their drivers of growth to find out the true effect of marketing.

    As a maths graduate, he’s a programmer, lover of data, and general numbers guy, but surprisingly loves talking to people too.

    His favourite part of the job is finding out how businesses work from the people who live it day-in, day-out.

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