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Dr Grace Kite


Grace is a business economist who’s worked on hundreds of marketing analysis projects. In every one, she’s learnt what works to get growth, and coached marketing people on using their numbers to see the needed change and make it happen.

In 2010, Grace founded Magic Numbers, which does analytics and econometrics in a way that’s human and down to earth, but always bang on and bang up to date.

In 2023, she founded Magic Works, which offers practical, no-nonsense, training on what works in marketing and how to convince stakeholders to do the right thing.

Grace is a columnist at Marketing Week and WARC, and a regular speaker on marketing effectiveness. She has 14 IPA Effectiveness award winners, including the Grand Prix in 2022 to her name.


“I'm not interested in analysis or research for its own sake. It's got to be useful. It's got to change the world for the better”

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